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Treatment Strategy

  • Source Airborne
  • Receiver

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • OEM
  • Environmental


Cancellation Mufflers

Active Noise Cancellation Mufflers Offer Maximum Low Frequency Performance

HUSH POD™ engine generator exhaust silencer reduces low frequency property line noise. Stationary prime power set-up with HUSH POD™ electronic exhaust silencer and HUSH FLOW™ passive muffler.


About BRD HUSH POD™ Mufflers:

HUSH POD™ electronic cancellation silencers utilize the principle of destructive interference to reduce noise levels on open pipe systems such as vacuum blower outlets, pressure blower intakes and internal combustion engine exhausts.  A microphone records the noise source sending a signal back to the control box/amplifier which generates a 180° out of phase equal and opposite "anti-noise" wave amplified through speakers mounted in a single housing.  The speakers are not directly exposed to the air flow.  Cancellation takes place at the end of the open pipe.  HUSH POD™ active mufflers provide maximum noise reduction in the 50 to 500 Hz frequency range where traditional passive designs are lacking.

HUSH POD™ Muffler