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Treatment Strategy

  • PathDirect
  • PathIndirect

Application Use

  • Architectural Walls/Ceilings
  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.


Wall & Ceiling Absorbers

Increase Noise Isolation In Standard Stud Wall or Drop Ceiling Applications

Standard 4" thick stud wall utilizing type HB-400 HUSH BATT™ acoustical wall insulation (see application photo) Training room stud wall installation with HB-400 acoustic insulation.  HUSH BATT™ panels can be combined with HUSH BLOCK™ flexible barriers and isolation channels for increased performance.



  • Standard sizes in 4’ long batts to match 16” and 24” stud spacing
  • Available in 1”, 2” and 4” thick batts designated as HB-100, HB-200 and HB-400 respectively
  • NRC ratings up to .95
  • Asbestos free construction
  • Economical and easy to install
  • Low smoke and flame spread characteristics
  • Friction fit reduces settling in wall cavities
  • Can be supplied with polyethylene or other film wrap (designated as HB-XXX-FW)
  • Standard nominal 3 lbs./ft.3 density
  • Maximum STC ratings for stud wall constructions are attained when combining HUSH BATT™ panels with HUSH BLOCK™ barriers, drywall isolation channels and HUSH SEALANT™ acoustical sealant
  • Available with FSK facing
  • Stud wall/partition constructions
  • Above ceiling treatments to improve acoustic properties of suspended ceiling systems
  • Recording studios and broadcast rooms
  • Common walls in homes, offices, apartments and condominiums
  • In-floor construction
  • Acoustical packing around pipe and duct wall penetrations
  • In-plant personnel booths and shop offices
  • In-wall machinery enclosure applications with perforated metal or other retaining screen
  • Under curb mounted rooftop HVAC units
  • Under floating floor constructions
  • Exterior thermal/acoustic insulation of pipes, ducts and equipment housings (requires final application of appearance lagging)