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Treatment Strategy

  • PathIndirect
  • Source Airborne

Application Use

  • OEM
  • HVAC
  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.


Acoustical Liners


Cost-Effective Acoustical Liners for High Temperature Severe Service Equipment Enclosures and HVAC Ducts/Pipes 

In-Duct Liners Enclosure Liners


Product Core Facing Thickness NRC Service Temperature Air Velocity ASTM E-84 Class A
HLF-100-FS Long strand textile grade fiberglass Fiberglass scrim 1" .80 350°F 10,000 FPM Yes
HLF-100-DF Acoustical grade fiberglass Densified fiberglass skin 1' .75 350°F 5,000 FPM Yes
FF-HLM-100-WH Fiber free melamine foam White hypalon 1" .80 300°F Complies with UL 181 section 16 for air erosion Yes
FF-HLN-75 Fiber free closed cell neoprene Neoprene skin 3/4" .30 180°F 6,000 FPM Yes












  • Resists air erosion
  • Puncture and tear resistant facings impede penetration of moisture
  • Available in rolls, sheets or die cut
  • Can be used to form composites
  • Service temperatures to 350°F
  • Other thicknesses are also available
  • Will not trap or absorb fumes and other contaminants or combustibles
  • HVAC ducts and plenums
  • Line engine, generator or other equipment enclosures and housings
  • Line air intake and discharge baffles
  • Where good absorption is needed in high temperature environments
  • Wall or ceiling mounted to reduce in-plant ambient noise
  • Liners for in-plant personnel booths