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Treatment Strategy

  • PathDirect
  • Receiver

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Architectural Walls/Ceilings


Audiometric Booths and Rooms To Meet The
Assessment Needs of Audiologists, Doctors,
Researchers and Hearing Aid Specialists

Model HH-100 Model HH-101 Model HH-200 Model HH-201 Model HH-300
  W D H   W D H   W D H   W D H   W D H
I.D. 24.5" 34.5" 66" I.D. 24.5" 34.5" 66" I.D. 30.5" 39.5" 78.5" I.D. 47.5" 39.5" 78.5" I.D. 119.5" 111.5" 78.75"
O.D. 29" 39" 79" O.D. 29" 39" 79" O.D. 44" 48" 92" O.D. 56" 48" 92" O.D. 128" 120" 89"
I.D. 62CM 88CM 167CM I.D. 62CM 88CM 167CM I.D. 90CM 100CM 199CM I.D. 121CM 100CM 199CM I.D. 304CM 283CM 200CM
O.D. 74CM 99CM 201CM O.D. 74CM 99CM 201CM O.D. 112CM 122CM 234CM O.D. 142CM 122CM 234CM O.D. 325CM 305CM 226CM
Wall and Ceiling

Models HH-200, HH-201, & HH-300 rooms are furnished with a standard clinical "jack" panel.  The pre-wired panel is supplied with ten, 3-wire phone jacks, two Cinch Jones 303 & 304 plug connectors, two coaxial plugs, one 24-pin parallel port, one 9-pin serial port and a 1" capped passthrough.  Other configurations are available upon request.  All "jack" panels are pre-wired and ready to receive the latest audiometric test equipment.

Ventilation is achieved through an intake and discharge silencer designed to allow 1 air change per minute.  The entire ventilation system will note generate a noise level in excess of ANSI-SI-1991 standards.

The 4" tongue and groove panel design is made from 16 gauge galvanized outer skin, 16 gauge galvanized roll formed channels and an inner skin of 22 gauge galvanized steel perforated to achieve a 25% open surface for maximum acoustical absorption.

The 16 gauge outer skin is lined with a 1" layer of gypsum board to reduce low frequency noise transmission.  Then it is filled witha 2 pound fiberglass insulation that meets UL fire hazard ratings as per ASTM E-84.

Floor Doors

The 2" thick floor panels consist of high density fiberglass andwiched between the 1/8" thick inner skin and 16 gauge outer skin.  A 1" layer of gypsum board is also used similar to the walls and ceiling.  The thinner floor increases accessibility for wheelchair and handicapped patients.

Door construction is similar to that of the walls to achieve the same high acoustical performance.  THe door includes a double magnetic seal gasket, sturdy cam lift hinges and recessed sill for ease of exiting.  Chrome plated door pulls on the interior and exterior of the door facilitate easy entrance and exit.

Wiring & Ventilation Windows

All electrical wiring is concealed within the panel using UL labeled fixtures.  The room is equipped with recessed lighting fixtures and hospital grade outlets.

Model HH-100 & 101 booths are furnished with a standard "jack" panel, consisting of three, 3-pin phone jacks, one each of Cinch Jones 303 & 304 connectors.

Windows are double glazed with a 1/4" safety glass isoalted in an attractive aluminum frame.  Standard window size is 24" W x 30" H.