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Treatment Strategy

  • Source Structure

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • OEM


Chute & Bin Liners

Sound Deadening and Vibration Damping Materials To Quiet Material Handling Systems And Increase Abrasion Resistance

HUSH GUIDE™ HG-NRL profile assembled to conveyor transfer chute section. HG-NRL-100 sheet good is used to line a parts bin.
Advantages: Applications:
  • Eliminates metal to metal contact
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Two product groups to choose from
  • Reduces impact noise and structural resonance
  • Excellent cut and tear resistance
  • Available in standard sheets or rolls and custom fabrications
  • Available with metal backing plates in some styles to facilitate economical replacement when necessary
  • Good chemical resistance
  • FDA and USDA listed materials
  • Good for continuous service up to 170°
  • Easy to install low maintenance materials
  • Slurry pumps and wet cyclones
  • Dust collectors and classifiers
  • Hoppers, bins & chutes
  • Vibrators, screw and chain conveyors
  • Tumbling barrels and shake tables
  • Screening equipment
  • Scrubbers
  • Parts feed/transfer chutes
  • OEM high performance gears, rollers and other parts
  • Pelletizing pans
  • Parts washers, tumblers and deburring equipment
  • Storage hoppers and silos
  • Grinding mills


HUSH GUIDE™ Rigid Materials: HUSH GUIDE™ Resilient Materials:

HG-PEL:  Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets (UHMW)

HG-PELE:  Ultra high molecular weight polythylene sheet with vibration damping layer and pressure sensitive adhesive on one side only.

HG-TL:  Teflon sheets (high temperature)

HG-TLE:  Teflon sheets with vibration damping layer and pressure sensitive adhesive on one side only

HG-PEL-T:  Anti-friction noise reduction tapes and film (.020 UHMW)

HG-40NRL:  Specially formulated pure natural rubber.  Unconventional production processes are utilized to give this product performance characteristics that are far superior to conventional rubber for abrasion resistance and for controlling vibrational energy.

HG-60NRL:  Same specially formulated natural rubber as described above in a higher durometer.  Liquid phase compounding without the use of fillers or detrimental mechanical milling are combined with a long term low temperature cure cycle.



To specify material thickness use the suffixes outlined in the examples below:

HG-PELE-050 = 1/2" Thick
HG-PELE-075 = 3/4" Thick
HG-PELE-100 = 1" Thick
HG-PELE-150 = 1 1/2" Thick

Typical dBA reduction for HUSH GUIDE™ HG-40NRL-075 on steel plate feed chute. Additional material specifications are available upon request. Sound level comparison using 2" crushed rock cascading on transfer chute.



HUSH GUIDE™ Rigid Materials: HUSH GUIDE™ Resilient Materials:
  • Feed and intake chutes with flat surfaces
  • FDA or USDA required materials
  • High temperature applications
  • When liner needs low coefficient of friction (lubrication is not necesary)
  • When maximum chemical resistivity is required
  • For maximum vibration damping on gauge metal thicknesses
  • In harsh environments
  • To replace OEM metal guards, gears and other parts
  • Feed chute, conveyor and equipment linings
  • Severe impact and handling of coarse materials
  • Where profile shapes are beneficial
  • To replace metal conveyor rollers and other components
  • Tanks and cylindrical vessels
  • Lined pipes
  • Where impact angles are less than 30° for material transfer applications
  • Where removable metal backed plates are needed