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Treatment Strategy

  • Receiver

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • HVAC
  • Architectural Walls/Ceilings


Speech Privacy Generators

Electronic Sound Masking Systems for Workspace and Office Acoustical Comfort, Speech Privacy and Confidentiality

Typical HUSH MASK™ noise masking system above a drop-in tile ceiling.


Advantages: Applications:
  • Includes complete system with master control unit, transformer, speakers and cables for turnkey installation
  • Installs above ceiling out of sight in ceiling plenum (suspended with chain)
  • Adjustable volume control on speaker units
  • Excellent for retrofit applications
  • Increases speech privacy
  • Open plan offices
  • Interview rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Telemarketing and phone centers
  • Private offices
  • Anywhere speech privacy is needed
  • Examination rooms



HUSH MASK™ systems work by producing a unique, digital broadband sound spectrum, complimentary to the speech spectrum, that effectively covers speech levels.  BRD's Spectrum™ sound is called E-Sound.  This scientifically engineered sound is amplified through special individual speakers installed above the drop ceiling, creating a uniform field of sound (ensuring temporal and spatial unformity).


Standard Spectrum™ System

The BRD Spectrum™ Sound Masking System fills the ceiling plenum area with a carefully tuned digital sound that filters down into the office space below, without phasing, to unobtrusively raise the background sound level.  This gentle rise in the ambient background sound actually masks unwanted office noise, makes speech unintelligible, creates privacy, and results in office environments that are acoustically comfortable to work in.  In addition, the BRD system is tuned using an advanced diagnostic software program called SPEC™ - the latest in sound masking technology.

Web Based Spectrum™ "WB" System Components

The Spectrum™ WB version of HUSH MASK™ technology is a web based system which can combine music and paging with improved diagnostic functions, fine tuning and internet or hand-held remote operation.  Groupings of sound sources and channels let you customize an almost limitless amount of zones for masking, paging and music, while maintaining the advantages of complete networked operation and control.


BRD sound masking systems are custom designed to fit a variety of site conditions and applications and are used in open and closed plan offices with or without ceiling tiles.  BRD's Spectrum™ sound masking is used in office, healthcare, financial, government, legal, religious, military and call center environments.  The system is applicable for new construction, retrofits and designed to meet all local codes.  Spectrum's™ superior paging capabilities can be used as all call or zone paging or both and whereever life safety issues are of concern.



The BRD HUSH MASK™ Spectrum™ Sound Masking unit consists of an individual self-contained sound generator, audio amplifier, loudspeaker, AC to DC power supply covnerter in an aluminum enclosure, powered by a 16-18 volt AC step-down transformer.  Additional central control capabilities are available.  The sound generator is a CMOS programmed micro-controller integrated circuit.


      LM6 LM4
Enclosure Aluminum Housing Height 6" 4"
Galvanized Grill Width 6" 4"
Mounting Chain Weight 3 lbs. 2 3/4 lbs.
Loudspeaker 5" Dispersion Power Rating 10 watts RMS
   Freq. Response 50 - 12K Hz  
   Press/sensitivity  SPL - at 1 watt/m-90dB 
Power Reqirement Without Paging   16v/18v AC, 60 Hz at 50 mA (typical)
With Paging  Up to 200 mA
Paging Input 25v RMS at 12.5mW (50K Ohms)
Output Adjustment  15 dB step-volume & continuous spectrum adjustment
Additional continuous control (56-86 dBA total), plus remote volume control of 15 dB with a central volume unit or programmable timer.



BRD offers speech privacy, acoustical comfort, increased productivity and greater efficiency.  The system requires no ongoing maintenance, and is manufactured in the U.S.A. with high levels of recycled content and within strict environmental guidelines.  The award winning Spectrum™ Sound Masking System meets ASTM (E-1130) standards for speech privacy, is UL Listed, energy-efficient, and low-voltage.  THe system has tuning capabilities of +/- 1/2 dB, features independent and central volume controls and has an optional 24/7 Programmable Timer.